السبت، 14 أبريل 2012

Reserved Characters::Coding Structure Master Data AX

As i talked about Data Migration in Dynamics AX before, You can find the Presentation Here, There was an important phase called "Data Cleaning", so before upload your master data you have to check the template sheets that they are formatted well and ensure that you will not face any troubles when uploading the sheets.

I faced this problem when i making data filtering and cleaning, may users that fill the sheets type characters that prevent the uploading process, such as Dots, Semicolon or colon.
So i searched for this  problem what are the characters that prevent uploading well the master data sheets, and found that there are a lot of characters that must not be included in descriptions or in the coding structure whether item coding, customers coding or fixed assets coding.

As i am a researcher type i get these characters that can help other implementers to take care of, and must make awareness to the key users concern these characters, also this will help you and reduce time consumed in data filtering and cleaning.
Leave you with the picture below i made before.